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Through creative and knowledgeable Search Engine Marketing campaign management we have the capacity to showcase your business online to the target audience that is already actively looking for services from a company such as yours. Our experience working with search portals such as Google, Bing and Yahoo translates into added benefits for our Clients for whom we position advertisements in the top of search engine results and in places such as Google Maps.
The campaigns we run can be localized to your business' neighborhood or scaled in size to fit your needs, including focusing on entire states or even nationwide. And the ads we run on your behalf can be optimized for viewing on mobile devices or desktop computers or both.




  • Google Ads placement
  • Bing Ads placement
  • Yahoo Ads placement
  • Positioning on map results
  • Social media campaigns
  • YouTube ads




  • Writing text for ads
  • Writing SEO text for websites
  • Consulting search strings
  • Editing and consulting




  • Regular results reviews
  • Comparing various timeframes
  • Analysis of keyword effectiveness
  • Statistical trends analysis




  • Regular Client meetings
  • Written reports
  • Access to campaign statistics
  • Facilitating Client feedback